A station resource represents the station metadata and the images associated to it.


The base URI for all station actions supported by the Station API is:

The following actions are supported:

Action Method Endpoint Description
list GET / Returns a collection with all stations
get GET /{id}/ Returns the station entity matching {id}


The API uses Basic Auth on all supported methods. More information on how to use Basic Auth can be found on the using basic auth

Identifying a Station

A station can be uniquely identified by 1 value: the {id} of the station or we can query the station list endpoint by the station call sign (which is case sensitive)

Station Fields

Parameter name Value Description
call_sign string Station call sign (this is a unique value in our system)
full_common_name string Full common name
short_common_name string Short common name
tvss_url string The URL of TV Schedule
donate_url string The donation URL of the Station
website_url string The homepage URL of the Station
facebook_url string The Facebook page of the Station
twitter_url string The Twitter page of the Station
station_kids_url string The kids homepage of the Station
passport_url string The passport page of the Station
telephone string The telephone number of the Station
fax string The fax number of the Station
pdp bool Program Differentiation Plan (PDP) of the Stations
city string  
state string  
address_line_1 string  
address_line_2 string  
zip_code string  
email string The email contact of the Station
tag_line string The Station’s tag line
passport_enabled bool Wether or not the station is Passport Enabled
primary_channel string Determines the station’s default TV listings grid
primetime_start string  
images object or empty list Images associated to a Station
updated_at datetime When the Station was last updated

For the images, the following table describes the parameters that it will contain.

Parameter name Value Description
profile string The profile of the image
url string The link to the ITS image